Cotonou, Benin

Afrimarine is present in Cotonou

1Cotonou Port

Cotonou Port

Cotonou Port Information

Access Sea Channel
Draft restriction 10 m
Width 170 m
Max Vessel Length 200 m
Pilot Compulsory
Tow Compulsory
2 tugs for vsl over 100 m
  1. 1.95 m max
  2. 0.20 m min
Berthing facilities
  1. total quay length 1.12 km and 200 m jetty
  2. total number of berths 8 + 4 at breakwater with depths from 9 to 10 m
Loading & discharging vessel's gear
Normal working hours Monday to Friday
0700 to 1500 1500 to 2300
  1. Monday to Friday 2200 to 2300 2300 to 0700
  2. Sat, Sun & public holidays
Rainy season March to July
Notice of readiness to be tendered upon arrival  

Ports Summary

Conakry handles containers, ACG alumina, cement/clinker, general cargo, roros, SBK bauxite and tankers.
Kamsar handles CBG bauxite, general cargo and small tankers.

Operating 24/7.

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